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Art Links:Henry Moret (1)

Henri Moret-French Impressionist Painter (1856-1913)
-линк на музеи и галереи

The Port of Volendam 1900


View of Port Louis 1891
Sailboats in Brittany 1898

Groux 1891

Ile de Groux 1894
Trou de l'Enfer at Groix

The Garden 1895
The Artist's Picnic

Peasant and Her Herd 1895-10
The Coast of Moelan 1896

Belle-île-en-Mer, Cliffs 1892

Seascape 1895

Lorient Harbor 1895

Cliff at Quesant with Horse 1895

Port Louis, France 1895

Evening at Doelan 1895

Calm Sea at L'Ile de Groux 1896

The Cliffs near the Sea 1896

Fishing Boats in Brittany 1897

Cote du Large 1897

Storm, the Coast of Finestere 1898

"Moret was born on December 12th, 1856 in Cherbourg, France, in the Manche region of Normandy. His life up to his military service in 1875 remains somewhat of a mystery, but it was during this military period when his artistic career began. While in Loreint for his service, he served under the command of Colonel Jules La Villette who noticed his interests in the arts. He took it upon himself to introduce Moret to a local artist who ran an atelier in the town, Ernest Corroller, a drawing professor. Typical to the area and influential for the direction of Moret’s theme was the fact that Corroller himself was a marine painter and exhibited regularly at the Parisian Salon. Under Corroller, Moret was introduced to a thoroughly academic style of painting which would betray Moret’s style late in life and which relied on the past masters of the French landscape tradition such as Corot and Courbet; thus the palette he and his studies worked with were dark, muted tones atypical to the current artistic trends of the Impressionist group. Even though Corroller presented Moret with traditions of the past, he was the one who not only introduced the theme of marine painting to him, but also introduced him to plein-air painting. With Corroller’s lessons in hand, Moret soon registered at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris on March 22nd, 1876, taking up residence in the atelier of Lehmann and later, from about 1880-1883, the history painter Jean-Paul Laurens. It was in 1880 that he first exhibited at the Salon, a work entitled La Plage de Locqueltas a Marée Basse; Cote de Bretagne (The Beach at Locqueltas at Low Tide; Coast of Brittany). It was during these early years that, under the influence of his previous training, his paintings recalled the traditions of the Barbizon school. " from
Rehs Galleries-далее ,по линку

продолжение следует...
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