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Botanical paintings by Henry George Moon (p.1-Orchids)

(About H.G.Moon)

Henry George Moon (18 February 1857 Barnet, Hertfordshire - 6 October 1905 St Albans, Hertfordshire), was an English landscape and botanical painter, noted for his orchid paintings illustrating Reichenbachia, a monthly publication named in honour of Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach of Hamburg, the great orchidologist.

NB:В 1886 году Генрих Зандер (англ. Henry Frederick Conrad Sander, нем. Heinrich Friedrich Conrad Sander) привлёк художника Генри Муна (англ. Henry Moon) (1857—1905) к работе по созданию ботанических иллюстраций орхидей с описаниями Райхенбаха. В 1888—1894 годах были созданы 192 листа. Мун рисовал орхидеи с натуры, пользуясь коллекцией Зандера, потом переводил рисунок в гравюру, печатал оттиски, затем каждый гравюрный оттиск раскрашивался акварелью от руки. По мере их создания они печатались в течение 6 лет ежемесячно. Это издание сейчас известно как Reichenbachia и является самым богатым когда-либо созданным справочным источником по орхидеям.
From the -Dictionary Listing of Orchidologists

He was born on 18 February 1857, at Barnet , England.He was the eldest son of Henry Moon, a parliamentay agent of Westminster. Until the death of the father in 1866, the son's school days were spent at Dr. Bell's ,at Barnet . Even as a young lad he revealed a love of art. After his Barnet schooling he was for some years a student at the Birkbeck and St. Martin's Schools of art, where his talent and skill won him numerous prizes.

In 1878 Moon went to the law offices of Messrs.Cole and Jackson , solicitors of Exeter Street,where he worked as a clerk with a view to the profession of barrister . Law , however , could not hold his interest over art, and in 1880 he jointed the art department of The Garden , a popular horticultural publication. From that time on most of the colored plates illustrated in the magazine, including many orchids, were painted by him, and in later years he performed similar services for The English Flower Garden, Wild Garden , and Flora and Sylva . Through the encouragement of Mr. William Robinson, who had been influential in obtaining for Moon the position on the staff of The Garden, he went to his friend's beautiful gardens and woods at Gravetye Manor where he developed an intense love for the English landscape and conveyed his impressions to canvas .Much of his spare time was spent in the further study of landscape paining, often in the company of Mr. W.E. Norton, an American painter to whom attributed much of his own success in art.

more here...

Paphs (Cyps) x Harrisonianum & glaucophyllum + Phrag caudatum

Dracula (Masda) chimaera et al

Oncidium papillio

Cattleya Dowiana aurea

Laelia Cattleya Parthenena

Cattleya Harrisoniae

Cattleya Aclandiae;Zygopetalum Gautieri

Cattleya Percivaliana (18th Jun 1885)

Aerides Lawrenciae

Paphs (Cyps) bellatulum & concolor

Phajus Blumei

Cypripedium Niobe (23rd May 1891)

Cypripedium acaule & pubescens (29th Oct. 1892)

Oncidium spledidum (5th June 1887)

Dendrobium pulchellum

Masdevallia Lindeni

Disa grandiflora var Superba & Barbelli (18th Feb. 1882)

Odontoglossum crispum

Vanda teres (24th Sept 1892)


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