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John T. Salminen

John T. Salminen (b.1945)-an award-winning American watercolor painter who is well known for his realistic urban landscapes. His work was described as "compelling street scenes packed with detail" by Watercolor Magic magazine's senior editor, Loraine Crouch

© John T. Salminen-Biography;Gallery

Autumn in New York

Central Park

Autumn High Line

Winter, Central Park

The Mall - Central Park

Winter Light

Winter Hillside

Bryant Park

Bleecker Street

Market Street

Fifth Avenue

Neon Reflections

Times Square Umbrella II

Times Square Reflections
First Avenue


Evening Cable Car

42nd Street NYC

News Stand

Olive Garden

57 Village Cigars

Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Brighton Beach Trio

The Pier

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Tags: american fine art, art links, landscape, seasons, watercolor
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