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Art Links:Ethel Léontine Gabain (p.1)

Ethel Léontine Gabain (French-English,1883-1950)

Stripe and Black, 1914; La Dame aux Bagues,1918

Le petit Monde,1922.Lithograph

Portrait of Ethel Gabain,1913 - Private Collection

"Although born at Le Havre in France, Ethel Gabain was educated in England and studied art at the Slade and the Central School of Art & Design in London. She returned to work in Paris before permanently settling in England, setting up her own studio at Brook Green, London. Gabain produced approximately 320 lithographs and her work is represented in several important public collections.

Early in her career Gabain decided to concentrate largely upon lithography, her subjects often lone girls or women in domestic interiors, usually working in black and white and occasionally employing colour to highlight details. During World War II Gabain was appointed an Official War Artist and her lithographs continued to be purchased until the end of the war. She died in 1950." (c)Goldmark Gallery:read more...

Cleveland Museum of Art


The Emerald Ring, 1917; The Lorgnette, 1919

La Reveuse,1919

The Striped Petticoat, 1911

Table de toilette Louis XV, 1914

Une Dame qui se chausse; Le Lever de l'ouvrière, 1912

Dawn, 1921; Un Monsieur,1924

Le petit Monde,1922

Moonlight, 1916;The Love Letter of Pierrot, 1912

Pierrot; The Return of Pierrot, 1923

Pierrot Délaissé,1916;The Print Collectors, 1912

Démasquée (upright cupboard),1929

The Parrot,1919

Gavroche, 1921; Pierre, A Breton Boy, 1910

Le Roi Soleil,1916

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