Elina (elle_belle10) wrote,

Pompeo Mariani (Italian, 1857-1927)

Pompeo Mariani - Autoritratto

Park in Monza

апдейт архива ЖЖ

Olive Trees in Bordigera

Virginia del seu


The Letter

The Red Feathered Hat

The Promenade

An Elegant Beauty

Autumn. The Fall of the Leaves 1906

Two Elegant Ladies

Una serata elegante

The Ballroom

Box at La Scala

Due Donne Elegante (Two Elegant Ladies)

An Elegant Lady in Black in a Cafe

Old Milan, a Hotel Lounge

Elégante femme au chapeau

Elegant Teaparty

Engineers of the Roulette

Signore a Montecarlo

Lost in Montecarlo

At the Green Table

Au Casino de Monte-Carlo

Fondazione Pompeo Mariani

Pompeo Mariani (Italian, 1857-1927)


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Tags: art links, colours, genre, italian, self portrait, women
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